To render a 360 image from Enscape first open Enscape from Revit.

To make sure the highest quality image is exported you first need to change some settings. Open the Enscape Settings menu.

In the General tab set the Rendering Quality to Ultra.

Next click on the Capture tab and set the Resolution to 4k.


Navigate to the spot you'd like to render from in your Enscape window. Then find the Panorama button in the Revit Ribbon and click Take Panorama. Your Enscape camera will begin spinning to export the 360 degree image.


Once your export is complete it is time to save the panorama as a JPG file to be uploaded to InsiteVR. Click the Panorama button again and click My Panoramas.

Locate your panorama and click it. Then click the save (floppy disk) icon to save your image. Find a folder and name your image to save it.


Now your image is ready for uploading to InsiteVR, so that you can enhance your Enscape renderings by annotating, linking them together to create 360 tours, sharing via SMS, and embedding them in GearVR 3D scenes.

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