First Step: Download the Sketchup Add-In

Our Sketchup add-in creates a fast, simple workflow to preview your models in VR and upload them to your InsiteVR projects. It is compatible with Sketchup Pro 2016-2018. Not compatible with Sketchup Make. 

Before you get started, make sure you download and install the desktop app. During installation, make sure “InsiteVR for Sketchup” is checked on the “Select Components” screen. This will automatically install the add-in.

IMPORTANT: Make sure Sketchup is closed before you install. 

Second Step: Export Your Model

  1. Open the Sketchup project you plan to review in your VR meeting. 
  2. Click "Extensions" on the top menu and then select "Upload to InsiteVR"
  3. Wait for the export to complete

Once the export is complete your project will open in InsiteVR. At this time you may view your project in VR for solo review. To begin adding annotations and scheduling multi-user VR review meetings in your model you will need to upload it to InsiteVR.

Click Upload to InsiteVR on the top left. Then proceed to upload to an existing project or make a new project.

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