The Annotations Menu

Annotations allow you to place text notes in a 3D model from the desktop application using mouse and keyboard. Within the app, go to an area of interest where you would like to add an annotation.

Once there, use the mouse to select the annotations menu icon on the bottom of your screen to reveal the annotations drawer.

Above GIF: Opening the Annotations menu

Creating Annotations

To create an annotation, select the light blue "+" icon in the annotation drawer. Next, enter the text for the annotation then click "CREATE." The annotation will appear in the space. Drag the annotation and place it by clicking the mouse again. 

Above GIF: Adding an Annotation

Viewing and Deleting Annotations

To quickly view an annotation, click on it from the annotations drawer. To delete an annotation, you may simply click on the annotation in the model or the annotations drawer and press the trash can icon.

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