Streaming is one of the most important features of InsiteVR. It breaks the isolation that is typically associated with VR presentations by letting you see what users are seeing in VR.

Streaming 360 Presentations

To stream 360 images, log into InsiteVR, open a project with 360 images, click "Start 360 Presentation." 

Once you launch the presentation your images will load on your desktop. You have three options for presenting the images to other users:

  1. Use our Android app and 360 Viewer to view the images on a GearVR
  2. Send an SMS to a client so they can view the images on their phone. 
  3. Visit the link at the top of the page from your laptop or desktop internet browser

When users start joining in, you will see them in their names listed on the top right hand side of the screen. Select which user's view you want to follow by using the dropdown menu that appears.

You can move users through 360 images by using the arrows on the presentation panel.

When you right click on the screen users will see a laser pointer where you are clicking. Use this to communicate with users in VR. 

If you have questions reach out to for assistance. 

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