To use InsiteVR with the HTC Vive, install Steam. Go through SteamVR's room scale setup and download the InsiteVR desktop app.

Before launching your application make sure your HTC Vive is plugged in and ready for using. Desktop VR mode will not work if SteamVR is not opened. The SteamVR plugin should look as follows:

Put the headset on your head.

Open your project's Desktop app and hover over the VR icon in the top right to make sure the Vive has been detected. If the icon indicates that the headset was not detected, close the desktop app and follow the steps described above.

You are now ready to explore your model using your HTC Vive! The desktop application will mirror what you see in VR on the screen.

Close any other software (Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Excel, etc) to improve performance if you experience any issues. 


You can teleport around the model by pressing the circle pad on the right controller and aiming where you want to teleport to. An icon will indicate where you will teleport to. Release the circle pad to teleport there.

In the dollhouse, press and hold both grip buttons to resize, reposition, and scale the model.

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