When using the GearVR with 3D models, you can use a bluetooth controller to move around.

Make sure your controller is paired (see video above) and use the following buttons to navigate the model and change settings.

You will notice that you cannot rotate using the controller. Instead, rotate using your body or your head. We recommend using a swivel chair or standing up when navigating a model in virtual reality. Make sure there is enough room around VR users to avoid accidental collisions.

Adjust the GearVR Optics and Head Strap

Many users forget to adjust the head to fit their own eyes and head. This is an important step to make sure you have a good experience in VR.

When passing a VR headset, make sure the user adjust the eye focus wheel and head straps.

Turn the focus adjustment wheel until the image is in focus. This is especially important for users who use glasses or report blurriness.

Take the time to adjust the head straps, make sure they are not too tight or loose. If you see a user holding the headset with their hands, suggest adjusting the straps, especially for new users.


Regular navigation is obtained by using the right joystick in combination with head and body rotation. We suggest using a swivel chair to use the GearVR.

To jump to another camera, double tap the GearVR touchpad.

To go to dollhouse view, swipe up on the GearVR touchpad. You will then be prompted to click on where you would like to teleport.

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