When presenting virtual reality to someone for the first time it's best to follow some golden rules to make sure the presentation goes smoothly.

  1. Use a swivel chair OR stand in place to turn while using the headset. Not both.
  2. If you using a GearVR, do not stand up if seated or vice versa. This can cause nausea.
  3. If using a GearVR, do not physically walk around the room. 
  4. Make sure both your computer and your GearVR mobile device are connected to wifi before the presentation begins.
  5. Make sure to double check that all your devices are charged beforehand.
  6. If using a bluetooth controller, make sure the GearVR controller is properly paired to your mobile device beforehand. Keep the paired headsets and controllers together or mark them.
  7. If presenting to someone who has never used VR it is helpful to show them how to use the headset first before offering it to a client. Use it yourself first to walk through the space while they watch. This makes them feel more comfortable about putting on the headset in front of others if they see you use it first.
  8. Set up multiple Views before the presentation in your scene editor in case your clients get lost while exploring. This will allow you to teleport them back to known locations.
  9. Wipe down the GearVR lenses and phone screen with a lens cloth before your presentation.
  10. Adjust the straps on the VR headset, especially if you give the headset to a person who is significantly smaller or taller than you. Straps should be adjusted for each user.
  11. If the client expresses blurriness during the presentation help them to adjust focus on the GearVR with the focus wheel.
  12. If the client continues to express blurriness after adjusting focus ask them to move the headset up or down on their face. If the headset is too loose and sags on their head it could affect optimal viewing quality.

If you have any questions or tips not covered here please reach out to support@insitevr.com. We believe a good presentation is critical to effective VR. We want to make sure all presentations go smoothly and are a great success!

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