You can easily invite participants to your meeting even if they don't have an InsiteVR account. Participants will only be able to view your InsiteVR project while a meeting is in session.

To invite someone first start a meeting, you'll find the Start Meeting button in the lower right hand corner of the application. Once you start the meeting you will have several options to invite participants to your meetings: invite via link, invite via meeting ID, or invite via email.

You can always access the invite instructions by clicking "Invite" on the participants list.

Invite via Link

You can invite participants by sending them meeting instructions that have a link to your meeting. Click "Copy" to copy the link to your clipboard and send it to participants.

The copied text will look like this: 

Please join my VR Meeting by clicking this link:
 - To join on Oculus Go or GearVR, click "Join Meeting", and enter this ID:

When they receive the link they can click it to access your project. 

If a meeting isn't in session they will see a waiting screen until the meeting starts. Otherwise, they'll be able to join you in a virtual meeting right away!

Invite Via Email

You can also send email invite directly to participants by entering their email and pressing "send". 

They will receive an email that looks like this:

Invite Via Meeting PIN

Participants can also join your meeting by simply entering your meeting PIN. The meeting PIN is included in the copied instructions or the email sent to participants. Otherwise you can just share the meeting PIN with them. Then ask them to click "Join Meeting" and enter the meeting PIN.

Read more about how to join a meeting with a PIN here:

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