• Sketch on surface allows sketching on distant surfaces
  • Added sketching support to Oculus Go app
  • Added undo and redo functionality for sketching
  • Improved measuring tool readability
  • Meeting audio updates
  • Show loading screen when loading in a new BIM 360 section
  • Added comfort mode to reduce motion sickness when walking or flying
  • Switch between different areas of a BIM 360 model using views, annotations, and screenshots


  • BIM 360 integration to instantly view BIM 360 models in VR meetings
  • Syncing InsiteVR annotations to BIM 360 issues
  • Improved layout of VR menu
  • Participants menus are synced in meetings to make it easier to assist others in VR
  • Host can "transfer host" abilities to another participant
  • Added ability to create projects within InsiteVR desktop app
  • "Elevator" mode for desktop users via 'Q' (down) and 'E' (up) keys.
  • Smoother camera movement when following a VR user as a desktop participant.


[New Features]

-  Desktop participants can now point to objects by right clicking
- Views can be saved using the VR menu
- Position of VR menu is saved


[New Features]

- Section plane tool
- Project selection dashboard
- Participants can now follow each other
- Added Upload model progress
- Meeting ID visible in meeting menu


[New Features]

- First time users will now be able to complete an interactive tutorial to learn the basics.
- Oculus Go users can now use the Measure and Screenshot tools
- Oculus Go users can now join meetings via meeting ID
- Navisworks plugin now supports section boxes and planes
- Users are no longer auto-followed
- Improvements to sketch mode readability
- Support for Windows Proxy via PAC script


[New Features]

-Screenshots taken during a meeting are now included in the PDF alongside annotations, they also are visible in the Annotations tab in the VR Menu
-Users can now invite others to their meeting via email directly from within the InsiteVR desktop application
-User can now start a meeting in a project from the "My Project" page on the InsiteVR website
-Navisworks plugin! You can now upload a Navisworks model directly to InsiteVR, just like with Revit.

[Bug Fixes]
-Mobile app would run out of memory when trying to open big models and crash
-Left handed users couldn't teleport with the Go, this is fixed
-Loading cached model in offline mode was laggy
-There was some bad audio quality when using the Go, we worked to make it better
-Models in Revit preview were getting stored as 0 polys and were being over simplified
-Download button for screenshots and print PDF should be grayed out on the Oculus Go


[New Features]

-Layers! Now users can toggle layers on/off in their model
-Guest permissions: host can allow guests to add annotations or not
-Added an indicator showing when someone is talking next to their name
-Added a refresh button in the project selection page

[Bug Fixes]

-Sketching and measuring is now disabled when user is in a 360 image
-Guests can now download the PDF during a meeting
-Gathering/Go To wasn't changing participants locomotion so they'd fall if the host was flying
-Dollhouse Mode always used to say "Project Name" in the Oculus Go, this is fixed
-Disabled teleport locomotion when in a 360-only project


[New Features]

-Edit photosphere annotations
-Hand pointers elongate when trigger is pressed on VR controller
-Hand pointers have user color
-Added multiple speech-to-text languages
-Nametags now fade away when players are near each other to give them personal space
-Annotation PDFs now have a blue marker to indicate an object tagged by the annotation

- Windows application now uses Windows Proxy settings if they are enabled

[Bug Fixes]

-Couldn't teleport upwards to the Dollhouse in the Revit preview
-Fixed black screen during model loading on Oculus Go
-Fixed an issue with the mobile speaker options
-Annotation screenshots no longer include the VR Menu
-Fixed the screen freeze that occurs for pariticipants when the host ends a meeting


[New Features]

-Teleporting through doors (Revit Only)
-Added "Create Annotations" feature from inside VR: create your own with speech-to-text or place common phrases
-Download annotations PDF in VR
-Edit annotations text after it's been saved

[Bug Fixes]

-Fixed an issue where the measurement tool breaks if user flies outside of the bounding box
-Fixed issue where raycursor would get stuck if measuring tool was on and the player left VR
-Fixed an issue where Vive users couldn't switch their active hand
-FIxed an issue where Vive controllers would appear instead of Windows Mixed Reality controllers in your hands
-Fly mode and walk mode could sometimes appear active at the same time, this is fixed


[New Features]

-New Tool: Added screenshot tool in VR. Screenshots saved locally to /Pictures folder
-Sketching tool is totally revamped to include different colors and pen sizes
-Meetings are now muted by default, unless the host chooses to enable it when they create the meeting. This is to allow host to introduce themselves and test the audio with each person who joins
-When a host creates their meeting they will see options to test their speaker and microphone automatically
-During meetings, you can now see what other participants are pointing at and if they have their VR Menu open
-It is now indicated that the host is broadcasting in VR Menu and on the desktop
-On web, we now show you your subscription renewal date
-Added a download progress bar when opening a model for the first time

[Bug Fixes]

-Collisions with invisible geometry should be fixed.


[New Features]

-Added Measuring Tool
-Added Tooltips for all VR controllers, now when users first enters InsiteVR with a headset on they'll see what all the buttons do by looking down at their hands

[Bug Fixes]

-Certain Revit exports had their material indices set incorrectly; this is now fixed
-Squished big bug that prevented users from hearing some participants in any meeting larger than eight people
-Reorganized the Tools tab in the VR Menu optimizing it for multiple tools
-Fixed bug where user would stop sketching if they aimed over their VR Menu accidentally


[New Features]

-Added VR Menu, a suite of features accessible in VR
-Added new Meetings features: Gather, Go-to, Broadcast, and Follow
-Revamped control scheme to allow users to use the VR Menu comfortably as well as walk/fly on one hand and teleport on the other
-Revamped the way we do audio so that folks with firewalls have fewer troubles
-Gathering all participants in the dollhouse now positions everyone around the table 

[Bug Fixes]

-Squished a major bug where falling off the model would cause the application to break
-Fixed a bug that prevented you from teleporting into a 360
-Fixed a bug where you were unable to use the marker tool in a Revit preview
-We now prevent accidental annotations from being created that have no text, just blank spaces
-Fixed the Oculus marker tool so it’s positioned more naturally
-Fixed an annotations issue where some non-English characters wouldn’t save properly
-Fixed an audio issue where leaving a meeting and rejoining would cause the audio to break


[PC] Meeting link available in presentation menu by clicking [+ Invite] in presentation menu.
[PC] Users who receive a meeting link and don't have an account can log in via guest mode
[PC] Avatars fade on personal space so that avatars don't abruptly disappear
[PC] On bottom left menu bar, "Teleport Users to Me", will teleport all users to presenters position
[PC] Improved lightmap quality
[PC] When teleporting users via teleport to me don't make them all land on top of each other. Land side by side.
[PC] Dollhouse room walls fade when the model exceeds boundary. Table also fades.

[VR] If following a user in presentation mode and put on VR headset stop following
[VR] If try following user while in VR alert them they can't follow people while in VR
[VR] Windows Mixed Reality Support via SteamVR: http://store.steampowered.com/app/719950/Windows_Mixed_Reality_for_SteamVR/

[WEB] /vr/[projectid] launches project if app installed, tries installing app if not and launching project.
[WEB - KNOWN BUG] On chrome deep link, after installing the app chrome won't try opening the project. Need to click the link in the middle of the page to open project correctly.


[PC] On loading screen, InsiteVR Icon fill now represents amount of project loaded.
[PC] When teleporting into model from dollhouse presenter can now bring participants down to model too.
[PC] Presenter can mute/unmute others.
[PC] When starting a presentation, "enable voice chat" option allows enabling/disabling voice by default for participants.
[PC] Mouse middle click + drag in dollhouse mode translates the model
[PC] Shift + Mouse middle click + drag in dollhouse mode rotates the model

[REVIT] Add-in no longer requires log in.
[REVIT] Local model preview always launched by default and uploading happens on preview window.
[REVIT] Can now create new projects from the Revit upload process.

[BUG FIX] GearVR would crash after being idle for > 1 min and being put back in. Should not crash anymore.


[PC] All users' voice status can now be checked by hovering over microphone icon next to their name in presentation
[PC] All users can be muted by clicking on the microphone icon next to their name in presentation
[PC] Mouse wheel can be scrolled to scale dollhouse model when no VR controllers available/desktop only
[PC] When updates available can opt out to download another time

[REVIT] Doors now work in Revit fast preview
[REVIT] Correct tiling now applied to textures

[WEB] Project info page now has stats on content uploaded, annotations, hotspots.
[WEB] Users can be invited to public projects with more specific permissions
[WEB] First time users will be prompted for type of content they intend to upload for a tailored experience

[BUG FIX - PC] Zoom extents should no longer cause models to go under dollhouse table


[PC] Show user avatars when users join presentations
[PC] Support for microphone audio during presentations. All users can hear each other if microphone and headphones are used with VR headset or desktop.
[PC] Presenters can now unfollow a user and independently walk around using arrow keys or WASD.
[PC] Users can now rotate left/right using the Oculus Touch right joystick.

[GEARVR] Better loading status to know what is being loaded.

[WEB] 360 images can be updated. Annotations, links to other 360s, and hotspots in a model will remain in tact. Only the image is updated.
[WEB] All 360's are now automatically published to project after upload.
[WEB] New annotations page that can be accessed from any project page by clicking "Annotations" on the right hand side.
[WEB] Annotations can be downloaded as PDF

[BUG FIX] Mobile users weren't displaying the name set to their Samsung device. Should now show proper name or default to their email if not set.
[BUG FIX]. Improved processing for high resolution 360 images.
[BUG FIX] Loading in GearVR sometimes resulted in a black screen that made it seem like the app was frozen. App stays on loading screen until model is fully loaded.


[PC] Single desktop app: https://www.insitevr.com/windows
[PC] Vive automatically detected when on head. No longer requires pressing VR button.
[PC] All annotations are saved as screenshots that can be accessed on the web.

[GEARVR] Single gearVR android app

[MODEL PROCESSING] Better support for OBJ format

[BUG FIX] Oculus and Vive teleporting now move player to teleport area not just center of play space
[BUG FIX] Vive trackpad requires physical press to move
[BUG FIX] In presentation mode, some users would not teleport when the presenter changed views. This has been fixed.


[ANDROID] GearVR 360 Viewer no longer appears as project
[ANDROID] GearVR 360 Viewer first time download occurs by clicking on a project with 360s and trying to launch them in VR
[ANDROID] Native cardboard viewer deprecated. Launching cardboard redirects to web browser.
[ANDROID] When no internet, offline mode will show projects that have been launched with the 360 viewer before or projects with locally installed apps.

[GEARVR 360] Removed in VR menu and log in. All handled in the Android app now. Offline project selection happens in the app.

[BUG FIX - PC] Could previously add annotations with no text causing an empty annotation to display. Now check for required input.
[BUG FIX - WEB] Some iOS users would get stuck on blue loading screen. It was a privacy/permissions settings that we have resolved.
[BUG FIX - GEAR 360] If GearVR 360 Viewer not installed trying to launch GearVR project will lead to download screen


[GEARVR] X Button Toggles Fly Mode

[PC] A Button Switches View
[PC] X Button Toggles Fly Mode
[PC] Vive Left Touchpad can now be used as movement joystick by clicking
[PC] Oculus Left Touch joystick can now be used to move
[PC] Support for Vive and Rift to join presentations

[BUG FIX - PC] Ambient Occlusion setting saved and properly applied at startup


[GEARVR] Toggle dollhouse mode by pressing back button
[GEARVR] Users without a bluetooth controller can now move forward by leaving their finger on the touch pad for > 2 seconds
[GEARVR] Darker laser now visble on bright surfaces

[PC] User name now appears in top right corner
[PC] Options such as height, speed, units are now saved from session to session
[PC] The bottom menu can be set to autohide during presentation mode and can be set to autohide in edit mode in the options menu

[BUG FIX] Sketchup models with reversed normals should not longer cause users to fall through floors.


  • 3D Annotations - Can now be placed on walls and ceilings
  • MobileVR - Added dollhouse mode
  • Project Management - Added Platform and Lighting options to model processing workflow
  • 360 Images - Users can now add associations between images with 360 links


  • Added ability to rename device ID


  • Desktop VR - Added basic 3D drawing
  • Project Management - Added project numbers and redesigned "New Project" form


  • Desktop VR - Added support for Desktop VR on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


  • 360 Images - Added ability to copy 360 image between projects without using credits.


  • Mobile VR - Added Offline Mode. If there is no internet connection, the last downloaded version of model will be available for viewing on the GearVR.
  • VR - Added free model preview. This allows users to preview their 3d model without VR much faster. Used to test materials and geometry without waiting for final lighting results.
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