Single Windows App

As of today, you no longer have to install an EXE for every one of your InsiteVR projects. They will all be accessible via the new InsiteVR Windows app available here:

There is also an update available in the Android app for the GearVR viewer. Please install all updates at your earliest convenience to ensure no disruptions to your workflow.

Here are the key advantages of this update:

  1. A central location for all your projects: launch the new InsiteVR app to view the latest version of your projects.
  2. No more cluttering your desktop or phone with InsiteVR icons for each project.
  3. Working across multiple computers or with others is easier. Regardless of where you are or what computer you're on, all your InsiteVR projects will always be available, instantly, in the new InsiteVR app.

This update represents a big shift in InsiteVR's back end architecture and our commitment to easier collaboration and communication. Now, sharing is as easy as inviting someone to a project. All they have to do is open the InsiteVR app and they will immediately have access to the project.

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