New and Improved Design

All the features you love are still in the app, but we've made them easier to use and enhanced the design. Views and 360 images have an in-menu preview so you know where you're going before you click. To add new content you simply press the "+" button in the corresponding menu.

We also heard many people ask for the ability to teleport to specific annotations so we've added an annotations menu that lets you jump to any annotation in the model or in a 360 hotspot. This way you don't have to hunt them down one by one in the model.

In the coming days we will be updating our documentation to reflect the new design. We appreciate your patience as we roll this update out!

Increased Triangle Limits (Again!)

We have increased the limit for desktop only models to 15 million triangles. This means if you are only trying to view your model on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive you can now upload larger models.

Revit Add-In Improvements

Our Revit add-in has been updated to allow for larger model uploads and we've fixed a bug with door sub-components not being recognized as part of the door. Please download the latest version here:

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