Our new Analytics feature can be found via the InsiteVR desktop application. Opening the Analytics menu will reveal a list of sessions that represent anytime someone has explored your space in the GearVR.

Once you've selected some sessions you can playback the VR walkthrough to understand where users looked and walked as they explored the space.

The heatmap functionality will also show you a distribution of users' gaze so that you can understand how they engage with your space and test the effectiveness of signage.

If you are working on a public project, hospital, or airport we think the use case and ROI are immediately obvious and would love to help you take advantage of this new feature.

Oculus Touch Support

We now have Oculus touch support which includes teleporting and a simple mark up tool. This update also includes an improved teleporting system that allows teleporting through transparent objects and an improved mechanism for teleporting across building floors.

Mobile Device Names

You can now name mobile devices that join a 360 image presentation. If a presentation is in session, any users who receive the link to view 360's will be prompted to enter their name so that they can be easily identified in the list of active users.

Graphics Settings

The desktop graphics quality can now be improved in the Options menu. The new ambient occlusion setting allows real time ambient occlusion to be toggled on or off for a higher quality experience on headsets like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

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