We are pleased to announce the following fixes and features.

Updates to 3D Annotation System

3D Annotations can now be placed on walls and ceilings without intersecting geometry. This should allow for an easier placement of 3D annotations throughout the model.

3D Annotations can also be selected by clicking rather than requiring the user to touch it physically. This makes it easier to remove annotations in hard to reach locations such as ceilings.

GearVR Dollhouse Mode and Navigation Updates

We've updated the dollhouse mode to be more accessible to users in the GearVR. To access dollhouse mode, swipe up on the Control pad

We've also update the control to switch cameras. To change between cameras on the GearVR, double click on the touchpad.

Different Platform, Texture and Light Settings

The next time you upload a model, you will be presented with a new model processing menu. This allows you to get faster model processing if you're only using a desktop VR headset or want a fast preview without lighting detail.


Uploading to the GearVR takes longer since there is more optimization required. If you only need to publish to Desktop VR (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive), you can get a much faster build by selecting "Desktop VR Only".


This option determines if you model will be processed with it's original textures or if it will be shown as a white sketch model with all textures stripped out. Sketch mode is a great way to draw focus to the space rather than the materials and colors.


Basic lighting will speed up the processing speed significantly, but it will not show sun shadows or ambient occlusion (dark corners). This is ideal if you require fast iterative model processing. The Detailed Lighting option will take longer, but will show solar shadows and ambient occlusion.

360 Links

We've made some major changes to our 360 app to allow you to place link between 360 images. This will make it easier for you to create a simple "walkthrough" using only 360 images.

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