This week we released two huge updates to InsiteVR: easier sharing and Windows mixed reality! 

InsiteVR Meeting Links

Inviting others to meet you in VR should be easy. That's why we're excited to launch InsiteVR Meeting Links. 

These links allow anyone to join a VR meeting in one click - no sharing of files, no typing complex meeting codes, and no user accounts needed.

When you start an InsiteVR presentation you will notice a new button in the presentation menu: 

Clicking the new invite button will show you a link that you can send to clients or colleagues so that they can instantly join you in a VR meeting. 

Link recipients don't need an InsiteVR account and can join as a guest. Guests can only access the project while a presentation is in session. 

We'd love for you try it today and join us in a VR meeting. We'll be waiting in a sample project until Friday evening to hear your thoughts and feedback. 

Click this link to join us in VR:

Windows Mixed Reality

We have been testing the Windows Mixed Reality headsets for a couple of months now and are very happy with their usability and portability. You can use any of the Windows Mixed Reality Headsets with InsiteVR via SteamVR.

Instructions on how to set up your Windows Mixed Reality Headset found here:

Other Updates

Teleport Everybody To Me: As presenter, you can now teleport others to you during presentations using the "Teleport Everybody to Me" button.

Dollhouse Fading: In dollhouse mode elements will fade when your model goes past the room or table.

Full Release Notes

In The News!

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