Our most requested feature of the year is finally here - instant VR from Revit. Today's update to the Revit add-in enables a "fast preview" that instantly launches our 3D viewer with your Revit model. 

With the fast preview you can check your materials, ensure your geometry is correct, and preview in VR with an Oculus or HTC Vive. Since this is only a local preview you won't be able to save views, add 360s, or add annotations; you still need to upload to our cloud to do that. 

However, this means you now have unlimited local iterations and previews for anything done locally.

How To Get It

We are now bundling our Revit Add-In with our Windows application so that you can get started with a single install.

To get the newest update please download and install from https://www.insitevr.com/windows.

Attention Required: IT Approval

This update requires administrator rights on your PC to install, so your IT team may need to approve it. All users will automatically be updated next Friday August, 25 2017 and this may cause interruptions if you don't have administrative rights. 

To continue using InsiteVR without any interruption we recommend you manually install the update at your earliest convenience: https://www.insitevr.com/windows

InsiteVR Case Study: Remote VR Presentations with Josh Mory of Hendricks Properties

This week, we published an informational article on how Josh Mory of Hendricks Properties uses InsiteVR to review huge renovation projects with clients. Beyond review with clients, Josh and the Hendricks team have found value in VR as a way to engage the public. 

Read more here:

If you have a VR success story we'd love to hear about it! Reply to this email or contact info@insitevr.com to get in touch with our team.

We're looking forward to hearing your feedback on our new Revit add-in. If you have any questions on how to set it up please reply to this email.

Keep It Virtual,

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