Today, we're excited to bring you some of our biggest summer updates. 

Multi-User Presentations

From the beginning, we've been devoted to making sure VR isn't an isolating experience when presenting or reviewing designs. Whether it's being able to guide users through an experience or sharing their view on screen, we focus on delivering valuable communication with VR.

You've already been able to have multiple people in a model together as part of a presentation, but today you're able to see and hear them. Each user will have a headset and hand controllers that follow their movement.

Users on a desktop, an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and GearVR can explore a model together. No more screen sharing on a 3rd party video app! 

To get started simply open the InsiteVR app, select a project, and start a presentation. As users join you'll be able to see their avatars. If you don't have our Windows app yet you can download it here:

Reply to this email if you'd like to test avatars in one of your models with someone from the InsiteVR team. We'd be happy to join you!

Punch List PDF

Annotations during VR presentations can be a useful way to record feedback, but how can you share them with others without going into VR or opening the 3D model? You can now generate a PDF of all annotations with a screenshot of where the annotation was placed.

This enables sharing with others who don't want to go into VR or makes it easy to bring your VR review notes to a meeting without an entire VR setup. 

You can view your list of annotations by going to a project page and clicking the "Annotations" button on the right.

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback on this release. If you need help please reach out and we'd be happy to assist.

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