Open and Close the VR Menu

With a headset on, the VR Menu contains a suite of features available to you in VR. 

When you first enter a model, you will see 3 buttons in front of you in between your hands. Point at one of the buttons with your right or left hands and press it using the trigger button on your controller in order to open the menu. Press the trigger while pointing at the same button again to close the menu. 

Interacting with the VR Menu

To interact with the menu, point at the feature you’d like to use and press the trigger button to select it. 

Through the VR Menu, you have access to:

  • Create: ability to create annotations, screenshots, measurements, sketches and views.
  • Meetings: a list of everyone in the meeting, and access to the Meetings features [Go To, Follow, Broadcast, and Mute]
  • Content:  Access to views, 360 hotspots, annotations, and settings
  • Navigation: Switch between walking, flying, and teleporting, and teleport to the Dollhouse

We hope you have a good understanding of the VR Menu now. If you want to read more in-depth about the new Meetings features, click here

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