Our meeting controls make it easier than ever to run a meeting effectively

If you are using a virtual reality headset: All of these controls will be accessible from within the Meetings tab of the VR Menu. 

If you are on a desktop: Find the tools in the dropdown box on the upper right side of your screen, under "Participants."

Broadcast (Host Only) 

All members of the meeting will automatically follow the host, like a guided tour. No need to worry about someone wandering off or getting lost in the model!

For example, use when you'd like to guide your participants through specific areas of a model, as your guests will automatically teleport along as you move. 

During a Broadcast, participants are able to rotate their view and use the marker tool, and they are unable to move on their own until the Broadcast is stopped.

Gather (Host Only) 

The host teleports all members of the meeting to their location. For example, when the host wants to let meeting attendees roam freely through the model, but would like to gather everyone up to look at something specific.

Follow (Host Only)

The host follows a chosen member of the meeting wherever they go. For example, when a client or team member would like to discuss points around the model, and the host would like to travel with them.


Teleport to a person. Use this when you would like to travel to another member of the meeting instantly, for example when you'd like to view a part of the model they are seeing. Also can use this to jump quickly to the host if you've lost them on a tour.


The host can mute everyone in a meeting and any member can mute themselves. Useful for large meetings where the host would like to control who is able to talk. Read more about muting here.

That's all for the meetings features!

If you would like to learn more about the VR Menu, click here!

If you have any further questions, please ping us on Intercom chat or send us an email at support@insitevr.com.

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