With the InsiteVR for Revit addin you can instantly view your building designs in VR. However, you cannot add any views, 360 hotspots, annotations, or start a meeting until you upload to the InsiteVR cloud.

If you don't need any of the cloud functionality then the Revit Model Preview can be very useful for validating your design decisions in VR or quickly reviewing something with others in the same room. 

After launching a Revit Model Preview, InsiteVR stores the preview file on your computer. This file can be easily transferred to another computer with InsiteVR installed for viewing without Revit or the need to export again. Or it can be saved in a different folder so that you can access it again later without re-opening Revit.

To access this file follow these steps:

1. Open a Windows explorer window to the C:/ drive.

2. Turn on hidden items in the explorer Window.

3. Go to ProgramData/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins.
4. Click the InsiteVR InsiteVR.bundle folder.
5. Go to Contents/Windows.
6. If you are using Revit 2017 or older open the Legacy folder. Otherwise open 2018.
7. Find the ivr folder. Inside you will find an ivrbin file that matches your project name. 

This file is an InsiteVR Model Preview file and can be moved to another folder if you'd like to save it for viewing later or transfer it to another computer on your network. Double click the file to open and view this file with InsiteVR. 

Important: Model preview files are deleted when a new Revit export happens so please move the file if you'd like to access it later.

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