Measure things in your model - all within virtual reality

The measuring tool is a virtual measuring tape. You can use it to measure objects, spaces, and more within your model without having to leave InsiteVR. 

To find it, open your VR Menu and click on the Tools tab. Click "Measure" and then "Start Measuring."

As soon as you click "Start Measuring," your pointer will turn into the measuring tool. Aim at a surface, and click the trigger once. Now move your hand towards the surface you'd like to measure to. Click the trigger again. Voila! You'll see the distance between those two surfaces.

If you want to remove the measurement, or measure another distance, click the trigger once and it will disappear. 

Perpendicular Measurement, Snap-to-Surface, and Freeform

You have a few measuring options built into the measuring tool. By default your measuring tool has perpendicular measurement selected. Each of these options changes the way the measuring tool will react to surfaces.

Perpendicular Measurement

This is the default option. The measuring tool will draw perpendicular lines between two points of your choice. 

It can also draw from your starting point to the height of a second point, such as measuring from the floor to the top of a chair or kitchen counter.


This option is similar to perpendicular measurement: all measured lines are perfectly perpendicular between two surfaces but instead of you selecting two points to measure from, the measuring tool instantly recognizes surfaces and tells you the distance between them. This is especially useful when you want to rapidly measure a number of distances, or the height and width of rooms.

Freeform Measuring

With both perpendicular and snap-to-surface deselected, the measuring tool defaults to freeform measuring. Freefrom is not locked to perpendicular lines, meaning you can measure diagonals.

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