Finding your Tools in the VR Menu

The sketching tool's use is pretty straightforward - it's a marker, in VR, that you can use to draw in your model. 

To find it, open up your VR Menu and head to the Tools tab. It's the first tool in the list, under the "Sketch" button. Click on the "Start Sketching" box to pick up the tool and begin your artistic pursuits.

  • Hold down the trigger button to draw a continuous line. 
  • Click "Stop Sketching" to put the marker tool back.

If you're in a meeting, only the host can delete all sketches. If you're exploring your model solo, you can delete them yourself. 

Changing Color and Marker Size

On the sketch tool page, you'll see you have the option to pick a different color and marker size for your tool.

A great use of the different marker colors is to differentiate who's drawing what during a multiuser meeting. 

Using the smaller marker sizes in the Dollhouse is a great method for making detailed sketches and mocking-up areas of your scaled model.

You can also use different line sizes to create more detailed sketches, for example adding windows or decor. 

Sketches are great for in-VR brainstorming with your team or on your own. Use the Screenshot tool after you're done with a sketch to save it, and show it off to the rest of your colleagues.

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