So, you want to take pictures inside your model? You're in luck! We have a screenshot tool that allows you to easily snap a photo from within virtual reality.

  • Open up your VR Menu.
  • Aim over the Tools tab and press the trigger button of your VR controller to select it. 
  • Do the same thing for the "Screenshot" button within the tools tab, which will open up the tool page. 
  • Select the Screenshot tool with your trigger to open it. 

Now that you have the tool open, you can press the trigger at any time to take a screenshot. Think of the tool as you would the camera on your phone: wherever you aim you take a photo. 

Use the Screenshot tool to save sketches you've made, areas of the model that you'd like to show to your team, or simply show off how your model looks in virtual reality. 

Your screenshots will automatically be added to your "Annotations" list so that you can easily jump back to the spot you took the screenshot from and keep track of screenshots in the PDF as well.

And because we know you'll ask: we haven't added the ability to take selfies - yet! ;)

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