The InsiteVR Settings Menu can be found on both the desktop application and in virtual reality on your VR Menu. 

On Desktop

Open the Settings Menu by clicking the small cog at the bottom right of your screen, next to the "Start Meeting" button.

In Virtual Reality

Open the Settings Menu by first opening up your VR Menu, and then aiming over the small cog icon and selecting it. You will see a few tabs of settings options, similar to how they appear on desktop.

You'll see you have a few options. 

  • Player height: helps you match your real height with how tall you are in the model. Makes moving around in VR more comfortable when you don't feel a mismatch between how tall you are in real life with how tall you are in virtual reality.
  • Walking Speed: Increase or decrease the speed at which you walk. Be careful raising it up too high, moving too fast is a known cause of nausea in VR.
  • Run Speed Multiplier: (Desktop Only) For people exploring their model via desktop, not in VR, you can hold down shift to run. This causes you to move faster temporarily until you stop holding down the shift key. 

Moving on to the next tab, you'll have some more settings options.

These options change things in the model or desktop application. 

  • Units: Change between Imperial and Metric units
  • Ambient Occlusion: Toggle ambient occlusion on or off. Depending on the size of your model this may take a few seconds.
  • Autohide Bottom Bar while Editing/Meeting: (Desktop Only) Toggle whether or not the the bottom bar vanishes after a few seconds
  • Delete All Sketches: Deletes all the sketches in the model. Only the host has access to this during a meeting.

The final tab is the Audio tab. This is where you go to test your microphone and speakers to make sure sound is input and output from the correct sources. 

  • Speak into the mic to test that it is working. You'll see the white bar go up and down based on sound the mic is picking up. If the bar is all grey, that means it's picking up no sound and you should check your mic settings.
  • Press the "test" button to test your speakers and make sure you can hear from them. 

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