Welcome to InsiteVR Meetings! If you're reading this you've probably been asked to join an InsiteVR 3D Model Review by an architect, engineer or contractor. Let's show you how to easily join the meeting.

Step 1: Plug your headset into your computer:
You can join via Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality. If you don't have a headset at this time skip this step.

If you are joining from a GearVR or Oculus Go please read this article instead:  http://support.insitevr.com/start-or-join-a-vr-meeting/how-to-join-an-insitevr-meeting-mobilestandalone

Step 2: Click Meeting Link
You've likely been sent a meeting link. They look something like this:

Click that link or paste it into your browser to launch InsiteVR. If you haven't received a link ask your meeting host to send it to you. 

Step 3: Click Open InsiteVR_Launcher in your browser if prompted.

Step 3.5: Download and Install InsiteVR (FIRST TIME ONLY)
If this is your first time using InsiteVR, your computer will automatically begin installing InsiteVR. If it doesn't, please download InsiteVR directly from www.insitevr.com/downloads and then start again from Step 1. After the installation is complete, InsiteVR will automatically launch. 

Step 4: Enter Your Name

Congratulations!!! You're in!

If you are having trouble hearing other participants try changing your audio input and output in the settings tab (little gear icon).

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More Tools

Happy Meeting!

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