Oculus Go is a standalone VR headset that runs off a mobile processor. This means it's more similar to the GearVR than the Rift. It is a 3DOF headset, which means it tracks rotational movement, but not positional movement.

With the InsiteVR you can view Revit and Sketchup models on the Oculus Go and join VR meetings with colleagues on other devices.

Before You Start on Oculus Go

  1. Make sure you have an InsiteVR account. Create one at www.insitevr.com/register
  2. Follow one of our guides on uploading from Revit, Sketchup, or other 3D modeling tools: http://support.insitevr.com/uploading-models-and-images
    Skip this step if you just want to try our sample project.

How to Setup Your Oculus Go

Please follow Oculus' setup guide for setting up your Oculus Go from scratch here.

How to Download InsiteVR for Oculus Go

There are two ways to get InsiteVR on your Oculus Go. 

  1. Use the companion app. The Oculus app is available on both the Google Play Store and App Store. Download the Oculus app on your phone, and then InsiteVR from within the Oculus app. 
  2. Download directly on your Oculus Go. The Oculus store is built into the Go, so you can download InsiteVR from within there.

Using the InsiteVR Oculus Go App

Controls: The Go controller is very similar to the GearVR controller. Here are the controls-
Walk, fly, or teleport: Press down at the top of the trackpad to move forward, and the bottom of the trackpad to move backwards
Turn: Swipe left or right on the trackpad to turn left or right
Select: Use the trigger to select things in the VR Menu.
Open VR Menu Shortcut: Press the "back" button
Reset Oculus Go Controller: Hold down the Oculus button
Return to Oculus Home: Press the Oculus button
That's it!

Starting a Meeting with Oculus Go

To start a meeting with the Go, make sure your participants are members of the project you want to meet in.

Then, enter the model and click "Start Meeting" in your VR Menu.

When the participants enter the model, they'll automatically join the meeting.

To stream your view to the desktop application for an in-person meeting:

  • Open the desktop application and start a meeting, this should cause the desktop app is host
  • Put on the Oculus Go and jump into the model
  • Make sure the desktop app is following the Oculus Go's view, or if the Oculus Go is host, make sure it's broadcasting. You can find the "following" and "broadcasting" features in the Meetings tab in the VR Menu.

Joining a Meeting with Oculus Go

In order to join a meeting on your Oculus Go, you'll need to be a part of the same project as the host. Once the host starts the meeting, simply jump into that project and you'll have joined the meeting.

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