When you export a Revit model to InsiteVR, our application processes it and optimizes it for viewing in virtual reality. 

There are some Revit properties that InsiteVR is unable to process. If you have these properties attached to your textures or materials, you will notice that they are not reflected in the InsiteVR version of your model. If you're having issues with your materials, check this list and make sure you're not using an unsupported property.

These properties are:

Texture rotations 

To rotate your texture, you'll first want to duplicate the file. Then either open the copy up in a photo editing software (Photoshop, Paint) and rotate it, or simply right click on the copy and select "rotate right" or "rotate left."

Note: We've seen people have issues with Revit recognizing rotation if you use Windows Photos to edit your image. Please try using a different application to rotate your image if you run into this issue. 

Tint Color

Using Tint/Tint Color doesn't translate into InsiteVR. You'll want to use Stain/Stain Color for a similar effect.

Metal colors 

In order for your material to look metallic, you'll want to use a metal material with a color overlaid rather than one of Revit's built-in metal colors.

This will work:

This won't work:

Bump Maps & Patterns

Neither Bump maps nor Patterns will appear in InsiteVR.

If you are still having trouble with your Revit materials, please contact support@insitevr.com and send us your issue along with any screenshots that can help us understand the problem.

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