Welcome to InsiteVR! If you've read Getting Started: Part I, you should be able to enter your model and explore it. Next, let's go over all of the features and tools you have at your disposal. 

1. Features

Dollhouse Mode

Dollhouse is a top-down view of your model. It's useful as a starting point for a meeting to look over the whole model before jumping into it.

You cannot place views, annotations, or hotspots in the Dollhouse. 

With desktop VR you can scale, rotate, and reposition the model within the Dollhouse using the grip buttons on your controllers. We're currently developing this functionality for mobile VR.

To teleport into the model, aim your controller at it. If you don't have a floor in your model, you'll have trouble or be unable to teleport in there - so remember to have a floor!

VR Menu

The VR Menu is what you'll use to access all the features and tools within VR. You also use the menu to change your locomotion style between walking, flying, and teleporting, as well as transporting up to the Dollhouse.

It has six tabs, in order these are:

  1. The Meetings tab is how you view the other participants in your meeting, and access the meetings features like Go-To, Gather, and Broadcast.
  2. The Views Tab is where you'll find all the views you set up using the desktop application. Click on one to teleport right to it. These are very useful to set up when you're preparing to take a group around a large model.
  3. The 360 Hotspots tab is where you can find all the hotspots you've placed using the desktop application. Click on it to teleport directly into it.
  4. The Annotations tab is where you'll see all your annotations that are already placed around the model, as well as where you can access the built-in and speech-to-text creation tool.
  5. The Tools tab is where you access sketching, measuring, and screenshots.
  6. Last but not least, the Settings tab holds a variety of settings such as choosing your player height and walking speed. 

2. Tools: Views, Hotspots, Annotations


Use Views to teleport yourself and all participants of a meeting to a specific spot you've set up beforehand. You can only place views using the desktop application, and access them via the VR Menu.

Views are useful for teleporting a group to a variety of pre-chosen spots in your model, especially if your model is very large. It's a quick and easy way to get around.

360 Image Hotspots

You can place 360 images from rendering software like Lumion or Enscape directly onto your model. These are called 360 Hotspots. Use hotspots to highlight areas of your model where you have nice renders.

in order to view 360s using the desktop or Oculus store app, you need to upload a model and place them on that model as hotspots using the desktop application.


You can place annotations using the desktop app, or place them in VR using speech-to-text or preset annotations. 

Annotations are helpful for recording action items during a meeting. For example, noting a certain element a client wants to see removed.

Annotations are available in both desktop and mobile versions of InsiteVR. Yay!

PDF Export

You can save your annotations (both preset and speech-to-text) as a PDF that will show in chronological order all annotations that were placed in a model and by whom, as well as a screenshot of what the user was looking at when they placing the annotation.

You can find this on the desktop application in the annotations bar next to the "Preset" button or in VR on your VR Menu.

3. Tools: Sketching, Measuring, Screenshots

Sketching Tool

Pick up the sketching tool to draw in the air throughout your model. 

To find it, open the VR Menu followed by the Tools tab. It's the first tool on the list, under the "Sketch" button. 

The sketching tool is currently only available with desktop VR headsets. We are working on having sketching with mobile headsets as well - stay tuned!

Find further reading on the Sketching Tool in our Using the Sketching Tool article.

Measuring Tool

The Measuring tool is used to measure objects, spaces, etc. withing your model. It's a virtual measuring tape, to put it simply.

To find it, open the VR Menu followed by the Tools tab. Click "Measure" and you'll see all the measurement options. 

The Measuring tool is currently only available with desktop VR headsets. We are working on having sketching with mobile headsets as well - stay tuned!

Find further reading on the Measuring Tool in our Using the Measuring Tool article.

Screenshot Tool

The Screenshot tool is useful for taking a picture within virtual reality. It's helpful for saving a drawing or measurement.

Similar to the other tools, find it by opening the VR Menu and selecting the Tools Tab

The Screenshot tool is currently only available with desktop VR headsets. However, using the Oculus Go it's possible to take screenshots using a screenshot tool built into the Go. 

Find more details on the Screenshot tool in our Using the Screenshot tool article.

Meeting-Specific Tools

Broadcast (Host Only)

All members of the meeting will automatically follow the host, like a guided tour. No need to worry about someone wandering off or getting lost in the model!

Gather (Host Only) 

The host teleports all members of the meeting to their location. For example, when the host wants to let meeting attendees roam freely through the model, but would like to gather everyone up to look at something specific.

Follow (Host Only)

The host follows a chosen member of the meeting wherever they go. For example, when a client or team member would like to discuss points around the model, and the host would like to travel with them.


Teleport to a person. Use this when you would like to travel to another member of the meeting instantly, for example when you'd like to view a part of the model they are seeing. Also can use this to jump quickly to the host if you've lost them on a tour.


The host can mute everyone in a meeting and any member can mute themselves. Useful for large meetings where the host would like to control who is able to talk. Read more about muting here.

Have Fun!

Read Getting Started: Part I for everything you need to know about starting InsiteVR for the first time.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to support@insitevr.com!

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