Note: Layers are only available for Revit models.

When you bring a Revit model into InsiteVR, the categories in your model will become layers. With our Layers tool, you can toggle their visibility on/off in Insite.

The Layers feature can be found in the VR menu, by clicking on the Layers tab. Once there, you'll see all the layers in your model. 

On desktop, find Layers on the bottom bar near Settings. 

You're able to toggle specific layers on/off, as well as all layers at once.

Layers are useful for isolating areas you want to view in more detail. For example, you can turn off all walls in a building to see the floor area more easily from the Dollhouse.

You can also use Layers to more easily jump inside of a model from dollhouse.

Tip: To isolate a specific layer quickly, turn off all layers, and then turn back on only the one you want to examine. 

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