As InsiteVR continues to grow, we’re starting to scale our service to meet the demands of an ever larger growing customer base. In order to deliver the best software possible we sometimes need to get rid of underused features in order to better service the vast majority of our existing community and new members. In the coming months we will be discontinuing (getting rid of) a few features and want to prepare anyone who might still be using these:

On October 1, 2018 we will 1. discontinue and turn off several web-based 360 image features including hosting a 360-only presentation via the website, 2. Moga Blutetooth controller support will no longer be supported.

 IMPORTANT: any 360 links that your customers have or that you sent out via SMS or email will not be deleted or taken down. This only affects real-time 360 presentations started from the web browser.

Transitioning from Web to Desktop/Mobile:

All InsiteVR customers now have access to a robust desktop and mobile application designed to host VR meetings, for both 360 images and 3D models. We will continue to heavily develop this capability, so anyone who is using the web-based presentation interface for meetings should reach out to us to learn how to use the desktop app instead. 

End of Service Implications:

On October 1, 2018 we will no longer be servicing this feature, our customer support will focus on transitioning you off of it, nor will we be making bug fixes to anything related to 360 images on the web. The service will remain active until the end of September as we work with you to transition your team to the desktop and mobile applications or find you an alternative solution.

Which features specifically will be discontinued?

  • Users will not be able to join a meeting via their phone browser.
  • Users will not be able to host a 360-only meeting from their desktop web browsers.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You will still be able to join and start 3D model meetings from the website, GearVR, Oculus Go and desktop apps. Only mobile phone browsers will no longer be able to join meetings or host them in the web.
  • "Start 360 Presentation" button from the website will be deleted. 
  • Embedded 360 images on websites will no longer work after October 1st, 2018.
  • Support for Moga Bluetooth Controllers will end. 
  • You will need to re-download your GearVR application from the Oculus Store.

Suggestions if you think you may be affected:

Q: How will you support my current use of InsiteVR?

A: If you are using the 360 web client to “see what your client sees” from within their VR headset the you can still do this from the InsiteVR desktop application. Please reach out if you need assistance in learning how to do this.

A: If you are sharing 360 projects with clients on their phones you will still be able to do that, they just won't be able to join your meetings in real time from their phone browser. They will need a VR headset or desktop computer to join a real time meeting. 

A: If you are using the Android application to launch the GearVR app you can now just launch the GearVR/Oculus Go app directly from Oculus Home and use your controller to select a project.

A: If you are using the Moga controller we advise purchasing a GearVR controller ($15:

You can reach out to us and we will show you how to transition to these new solutions.

Why are we getting rid of these features?

Since starting InsiteVR we have found our most successful customers have achieved maximum ROI from VR meetings using a 3D model, 360 images, and multiple VR headsets. To continue to improve the product and maximize this ROI we must end support for certain features that are no longer being used for real-time VR meetings. 

We look forward to continuing to deliver value through your business via a VR communication tool and will be working with you to transition to an appropriate solution for your 360 web needs.

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