If you previously used InsiteVR with your phone and GearVR you were using a now discontinued Android application to launch your VR experiences. We've since transitioned to hosting the InsiteVR mobile VR app on the Oculus Store so you can get the best experience and manage updates through Oculus.

To begin using the new app please follow these instructions:

1. Open your mobile device's Settings menu and open the "Apps" section.

2. Locate the two InsiteVR applications (dark blue and light blue): 

3. Repeat for each app: click on the app then in the app details page click "Uninstall".

4. Once you've uninstalled both applications open the Oculus application on your mobile device and find the InsiteVR app on the Oculus Store: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/975057459227037/
Important: If you don't have an Oculus account you will need to create one to install the application.

5. Once you installed it you can open it on your GearVR by launching it from your phone by pressing the "Start" button or plugging your phone into the GearVR, finding the InsiteVR application, and launching it. 

On the phone:

In VR:

6. Once in VR you will need to log in using your InsiteVR account and your GearVR controller. 

You only need to log in your first time or if someone logs you out. Once logged in you can launch your projects from the project menu.

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