Welcome to InsiteVR Meetings! If you're reading this you've probably been asked to join an InsiteVR 3D Model Review by an architect, engineer or contractor. Let's show you how to easily join the meeting:

Step 1: Launch the InsiteVR application from your VR device

You can join via an Oculus Quest or Oculus Go. If you don't already have the InsiteVR app please install it:

Oculus Quest: Email sales@insitevr.com to get an Oculus Quest key.
Oculus Go: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/975057459227037/

 If you want to join the meeting with an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality headset please read this article instead: http://support.insitevr.com/start-or-join-a-vr-meeting/how-to-join-an-insitevr-meeting-desktop

Step 2: Join the Meeting

If you already have an InsiteVR account and have been added to the project you are meeting about than you can simply log in and click the project to join the meeting. 

Otherwise, you will join the meeting as a guest using a meeting ID. Click "Join Meeting" 

Step 3: Enter Meeting ID

Next enter the meeting ID that was sent to you. If you haven't received an ID ask your meeting host to send it to you. 

Step 4: Enter Your Name

Use your controller to enter your name as you'd like other meeting participants to see it.

Congratulations! You're in!

If you are having trouble hearing other participants try changing your audio input and output in the settings tab (little gear icon).

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Happy Meeting!

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