The InsiteVR for BIM 360 integration allows teams to have instant access to their BIM 360 models during VR meetings. When you publish to BIM 360 InsiteVR will make sure to have your model ready so you don't have to separately export from Navisworks or Revit. 

If you are not an existing InsiteVR customer and would like access please fill out the form here:

There are 3 main steps to get your BIM 360 model into InsiteVR:

  1. Add InsiteVR to your BIM 360 hub - this only happens once per hub and should be taken care of by your BIM 360 administrator.
  2. Link your BIM 360 model to InsiteVR - this only happens once per model. Once linked you don't have to re-link again as we will automatically take the latest model from BIM 360.
  3. Sync your BIM 360 model to a VR meeting - whenever you want to review your model with others you can start a VR meeting and sync the necessary content instantly.

Step 1: Add InsiteVR to Your BIM 360 Hub

To link your BIM 360 account to InsiteVR please follow these instructions. 

  1. Go to your BIM 360 Account Admin page and click Apps

2. Find the InsiteVR integration and click it

4. Click Add to BIM 360

5. Authorize InsiteVR to gain access to your BIM 360 docs hub

6. Now you are ready to begin viewing your BIM 360 projects in InsiteVR

Step 2: Sync Your BIM 360 Model to a VR Meeting using the Chrome Plugin

Add the InsiteVR BIM 360 Chrome Plugin to sync your model directly from BIM 360:

Read the full instructions here:

1. Click "Add to Chrome"

2. Click the InsiteVR Chrome icon to login to your InsiteVR account

3. Once the chrome plugin is installed, navigate to a BIM 360 project and open the model in the BIM 360 viewer. Once the model loads you will see the InsiteVR button appear in the viewer: 

4. Navigate to a location in the model by clicking the "First Person" button and then double clicking somewhere on the model:

5. Once you're ready to jump into VR press the InsiteVR button and the area you're looking at in BIM 360 will be synced into your InsiteVR meeting room for all your participants to see:

NOTE: If your InsiteVR button says: "Link Model" that means you must link the BIM 360 project to an InsiteVR project via the InsiteVR windows application. Please review step 2 of this article to link a model.

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