BIM 360 Integration

  • Review BIM 360 hosted models with project members across Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and normal desktops.
  • Link BIM 360 models to InsiteVR once and we’ll handle the rest. No more exporting before meetings — the most recent BIM 360 version will be automatically available for review.
  • InsiteVR speech-to-text annotations synced to BIM 360 issues for maximized impact of VR meetings in your coordination workflows.
  • Easy access to multiple 3D views and model properties via InsiteVR BIM 360 portal.

New VR Menu

We've made some layout changes to the VR menu to make it easier to find what you need during VR meetings. 

  • One click to switch locomotion mode or go to dollhouse.
  • Create - open the create menu to create annotations, screenshots, sketches, measurements, and views.
  • Content - open the content menu to explore views, 360 hotspots, annotations, layers, and settings.
  • Meetings - open the meetings tab to see the full list of participants and interact with them.

Participant Menu Syncing

Participants can now see each others' VR menus in more detail. This way you can easily assist others in your meetings and ensure they're on the right page.

Transfer Host

Hosts can now transfer host responsibility to someone else in the meeting. This way if you start your meeting from a desktop and need to transition into a standalone device you can retain meeting controls. Additionally, if you need to exit the meeting for any reason and don't want to interrupt it you can transfer host.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Projects can now be created directly within the InsiteVR desktop app.
  • "Elevator" mode for desktop users via 'Q' (down) and 'E' (up) keys.
  • Smoother camera movement when following a VR user as a desktop participant.
  • Enlarged the images on the annotation PDF
  • Support for Sketchup 2019
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