The InsiteVR BIM 360 Chrome Browser Extension allows you to push models from your web browser into an InsiteVR meeting within seconds. 


  • Your models must be hosted on BIM 360 Docs
  • Your BIM 360 Account Admin must have activated the InsiteVR BIM 360 app. If your admin has not done so please refer them to the Admin Set Up


Once you're ready to use the InsiteVR BIM 360 Chrome Plugin, go to this link to add it to chrome.

  1. Click "Add to Chrome"

Click the InsiteVR icon added to the chrome extension dashboard and login to your InsiteVR account. If you don't have an account, please reach out to your InsiteVR account admin.

Using the Plugin:

Once the chrome plugin is installed, navigate to your BIM 360 project and open the model in the BIM 360 viewer. Once the model loads you will see the InsiteVR button appear in the viewer: 

Navigate to somewhere in the model by clicking the "First Person"  and then double clicking somewhere on the model:

Once you're ready to jump into VR press the InsiteVR button and the area you're looking at in BIM 360 will be synced into your InsiteVR meeting room for all your participants to see:

NOTE: If your InsiteVR button says: "Link Model" that means you must link the BIM 360 project to an InsiteVR project via the InsiteVR windows application. Please review step 2 of this article if you need to do that:

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